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Our products: Mono Scan, Duo Scan, and Free Stage are 3D scanners for digitizing ear impressions, precisely tailored to your specific needs. As a member of HIMSA, Smart Optics equips all scanners with a Noah interface, allowing the scanners' software to be integrated into your Noah system.


Mono Scan

Easy and accurate generation of 3D data from ear impressions. Mono Scan is the entry-level solution for digitizing ear impressions in ENT doctors' offices and small shops. Smart Optics' Mono Scan, which stands out with its glossy white appearance, offers a particularly cost-effective basis for creating digital ear impressions.

A single impression can be recorded in a very short time. Standard open output formats facilitate the connection to manufacturers.


Free Stage

The Free Stage was developed for quality-conscious audiologists and is the ideal solution for trend-oriented shops. This system-independent scanner for digitizing ear impressions can be effortlessly installed on any workstation due to its slim design, making it a true decoration object.

The contemporary design of the 3D scanner combines an elegant appearance with robust construction. The ergonomic shape of the scanner, achieved by deliberately avoiding a housing cover, simplifies work processes and allows users to share the impressive experience of the entire scanning process with their clients.

With the innovative touch sensor, you can start the scanning process directly on the scanner, saving valuable time. The consistently high quality of materials used in production is always the primary concern for Smart Optics products.


Duo Scan

The Duo Scan is a 3D scanner for digitizing ear impressions designed for daily use in medical offices, shops, and production. This compact and powerful scanner can be seamlessly integrated into any workstation. Its unobtrusive design and pleasant operating sound level are an advantage when installed in a shop.

The short scanning time ensures a high daily throughput.

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