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Now you have a shield, extra powerful hearing protection, it's the law.

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DI Series

The DI filter series has been specially designed for industrial applications. Common industrial earplugs tend to provide too much attenuation where it is not needed, this is due to the use of cheap materials and lack of acoustic design. The resulting response is muffled speech and sounds.

Industrial noise tends to be louder at high frequencies; Jiholabo's line of DI filters have been designed to provide a relatively flat attenuation to eliminate low frequency noise and facilitate communication, then a gradual increase in attenuation to around 4 kHz to eliminate damaging high frequency sounds. The DI filter ensures the user that air is constantly circulating in the ear, this ventilation minimizes the effect of occlusion and prevents irritation in the ear canal, maximizing the comfort of the user.

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Datasheet_DI Series_Page_1.jpg

DI filters are also available with the ability to be metal detectable, X-ray visible for use in environments such as food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing where foreign material contamination is unacceptable.

The DI range of acoustic filters have been developed for use in both custom mouthpieces (soft or hard) and universal earplugs. The DI filter is fully interchangeable with the Jiholabo DM and DR filter series and DS headphones.


The attenuation is calculated according to CE EN-352-2 by ISO 4869.2 for high (H), medium (M), low (L) frequency levels and as a single numerical rating (SNR). The NRR is calculated according to ANSI S3.19-1974. Certified filters in custom tips can achieve different attenuation values depending on the fit and / or shape of the acoustic channel.

Datasheet_DI Series_Page_2.jpg
Datasheet_DI Series_Page_2.jpg

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