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Protection against impulsive noise while maintaining

situational awareness

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DI Impulse Series

Originally developed for military use, DIM Impulse filters provide optimal protection against high levels of impulse sounds such as gunfire and impact hammers. The small size of Impulse filters makes it easy to fit into small, discreet headphones, easily fitting under communication headsets or noise canceling headsets where double protection is required.

The optional total block switch provides full secondary protection against high ambient sound. This unique filter technology maintains the spatiality and directionality of sound as required in professional environments or during hunting and combat situations.

The DIM Impulse filter ensures the user that air is constantly circulating in the ear, this ventilation minimizes the effect of occlusion and prevents irritation in the ear canal.

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Datasheet_DIM Impulse Series_Page_1.jpg
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Attenuation is calculated in accordance with CE EN-352-2 by ISO 4869.2 for high (H), medium (M), low (L) frequency levels and as a single numeric rating (SNR). The NRR is calculated according to ANSI S3.19-1974. Certified filters in custom tips can achieve different attenuation values depending on the fit and / or shape of the acoustic channel.

Datasheet_DIM Impulse Series_Page_2.jpg
Datasheet_DIM Impulse Series_Page_2.jpg

Black, white, transparent, transparent gray, transparent blue, brown, pink, orange, yellow, green.

Datasheet_DIM Impulse Series_Page_2.jpg

Use the mouse to rotate the model in 3D space

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