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Like all Jrenum products, Jrenum Sport is also manufactured individually on the basis of an ear impression. The special thing is that it is partially hollow and can therefore easily absorb pressure, for example with a well-fitting helmet. Made of soft silicone, it doesn't squeeze at all - even when worn for a long time.

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The construction is a small feat: the hearing protection is open to the outside and finds its place in the ear canal. He therefore leaves the pavilion completely free! It sounds paradoxical, but it works - even hearing a phone call is possible with this hearing protection. In addition, the built-in noise protection filter is specially designed for rapid pressure equalization, as can occur when starting an aircraft. It also filters annoying wind noise particularly well.

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Product specifications in detail

Shape: ear canal plug

Material: S40 silicone, red, blue, yellow, green and transparent transparent

Marking: laser engraving

Personalization: serial number, name

Scope of delivery: 1 pair of ear protectors, service card, simple pocket case, earwax stick, instructions for use


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Detectability: With this option, a metal ball is incorporated into the otoplastic in order to be able to detect it in liquids or viscous masses. This variant is mainly used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
Laser engraving: We provide your hearing protection with your company logo using laser engraving.
Material: transparent, transparent red / blue, neon green, yellow and signal orange.
Connection kit: silicone cord blue, fluorescent green, signal orange, dark blue (detectable or gray (heat resistant) / black cotton cord.

MS-3 filter

SNR 22 - H-26 - M-18 - L-13 (dB)


Recommended area of use

85 to 95 HM [dB (A)]; 80 to 90 L [dB (A)]

Limit of application

100 HM [dB (A)]; 95 L [dB (A)]

LD-10 filter

SNR 22 - H-24 - M-21 - L-15 (dB)


Recommended area of use

88 to 98 HM [dB (A)]; 82 to 92 L [dB (A)]

Limit of application

103 HM [dB (A)]; 97 L [dB (A)]

LD-14 filter

SNR 25 - H-26 - M-22 - L-19 (dB)

Recommended area of use

89-99 HM [dB (A)]; 86 to 96 L [dB (A)]

Limit of application

104 HM [dB (A)]; 101 L [dB (A)]

LD-20 filter

SNR 29 - H-31 - M-26 - L-23 (dB) Marking: W - S - E2

Recommended area of use

93-103 HM [dB (A)]; 90 to 100 L [dB (A)]

Limit of application

108 HM [dB (A)]; 105 L [dB (A)]

LD-24 filter

SNR 31 - H-32 - M-28 - L-26 (dB) Marking: W - S - E1

Recommended area of use

95-105 HM [dB (A)]; 93-103 L [dB (A)]

Limit of application

110 HM [dB (A)]; 108 L [dB (A)]

Acoustic filters and certified universal hearing protection are available under private label. We offer possibilities for customization, from simple artwork changes to bespoke product designs.

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